RES Workspace Manager: Creating a zone for a specific Citrix XenDesktop Desktop Group

RES Workspace Manager is a very powerful product especially when making advantage of all the possibilities. Creating a context based workspace using a specific zone is just one example.

Within a Citrix XenDesktop environment you typically create multiple (pooled) desktop groups, each targetting a specific task.
This is for example a great way for creating an acceptance environment beside the production environment where the acceptance environment runs a newer ‘golden image’ before it is mounted to the production environment.

Now when running RES Workspace Manager on top of these environments you want to apply specific settings based on the used desktop group.
For example to provide a specific application, drive mapping, registry setting etc.

You can manage this by creating a zone for each desktop group:

Create a new zone

Add a rule based on a registry setting

Use the following setting and value, corresponding the name of the desktop group:
Setting: HKLMSOFTWARECitrixVirtualDesktopAgentStateDesktopGroupName
Value: Acceptance-Environment

That’s it, now you can use this zone for access control on almost every object!


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