Windows 8 Shortcut Keys

While playing around with Windows 8, I quickly discovered that many functions are not easily reachable with only a mouse. So I searched for a list of shortcut keys and discovered that there are some pretty handy ones that every Windows 8 user should know of:

Windows+X = list of direct shortcuts including CMD (both admin and non-admin), Windows Explorer, Search, Run, Control Panel and Network Connections
Windows+C = brings up the ‘right swipe’ settings panel
Windows+Q = list of Apps and search function
Windows+W = standard settings
Windows+R  = run box
Windows+T = running apps tiles
Windows+I  = more settings
Windows+P = projector settings (2nd screen, choose output type, etc).
Windows+L = lock session
Windows+K = 2nd screen output
Windows+H = Share
Windows+F = Files
Windows+D = Desktop
Windows+S = launch snipping tool (for OneNote)
Windows+M = Minimize window



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