The troubleshooting guide that every Citrix engineer needs to know!

The Citrix Brief Troubleshooting Guide is intended as the first resource for Citrix administrators and Citrix engineers to troubleshoot technical issues for all Citrix technologies.

The Brief Troubleshooting Guide provides you with a single point of access to narrow down your technical issues and help you resolve as many issues as possible in an autonomous manner.

Citrix Technical Support expects you to perform these basic troubleshooting steps before you contact them and will request information from you based on that troubleshooting. If you have the information on hand, it proactively helps them to decrease resolution time for your issue.

Each product section includes a brief product description, supported languages, links to Citrix Knowledge Base articles, third-party articles, troubleshooting tools, and questions and information to gather to help you pinpoint your technical issues.

The Brief Troubleshooting Guide should be used when tackling any issue, especially when you are unfamiliar with a product, or a product type. The Knowledge Center continues to be a very useful resource and is constantly being updated by Citrix Technical Support engineers worldwide – and you can find articles there created after this guide has been published.

Got curious? You can download it over here.